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We explain to you what the mission is, in its different uses: Business mission, mission of the people, and religious missions.

The business mission refers to the objectives and activities of the company.
  1. What is Mission?

The concept of mission is understood as the faculty or power that is given to one or several people to perform a certain duty or assignment . Other times it is defined as the reason for being of something or someone. And, on the other hand, this word is related to the act of sending.

  • It can serve you: Vision and Mission.
  1. Mission of a company

The mission of a company should be motivating, concrete, comprehensive, and possible.

The mission, in the business field, refers to the objectives of a company, its activities and the way in which it works.

  • Schedules
  • Functions
  • Media
  • Pursued Purposes.

The mission established by the company should be motivating, concrete, comprehensive, and possible (realistic, not utopian).

  • For the authors OC Ferrel and Geoffrey Hirt The mission of an organization is its general purpose. Answer the question What is the organization supposed to do? .
  • Professor Rafael Mu iz Gonzales defines mission as The company's raison d'être, conditions its present and future activities, provides unity, sense of direction and guidance in strategic decision making. ” .
  • The 3 authors Stanton, Etzel and Walker define mission as what “State what customers it serves, what needs it meets and what types of products it offers. For its part, a mission statement indicates, in general terms, the limits of the activities of the organization ».

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  1. Missions of the people

There are authors who talk about personal missions.

This concept refers to the journey that each person wishes to make throughout their life . This plan includes the activities carried out daily and the reason for them and what are the main goals or objectives of each. Personal mission is a term linked to values. From these, the goals to be followed will be defined.

There are authors who also emphasize the virtues of each person. They affirm that it is elementary to know the passions and the gifts to be able to make use of them in this journey of life.

It is considered that personal missions are not static, but rather everyday personal choices, which allow modifications and adhesions, in order to improve and adapt them to specific situations. This orientation about desires and wills is the means to access success.

  1. Religious missions

A religious mission may be the process in which the word of God is transmitted.

When talking about religious missions, reference is made to the pilgrimage of the faithful in different communities and even countries, with the aim of preaching the sacred word.

Normally, two types of missions are distinguished, those that relate to the transmission of the Church as an institution and others to the mission of God in particular and his word. This second is related to the sending of Jesus and the Holy Spirit . One of the bases of religious missions is dialogue. Not only with other people, but also a dialogue linked to the interior of the missionaries.

There are those who consider the missions as a process in which the word of God and the teachings of their son are transmitted, but there are those who interpret it as a means in which the diverse cultures relate and enrich each other.

During colonial times religious missions settled in different parts of America, especially in Latin America, to teach about their religion and to give an account of their faith to the original peoples. Many times they settled in places that were very difficult to access in those times, for example the missionary jungles in Argentina and fulfilled the mission of evangelizing the natives.

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