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We explain what loyalty is and what it means to be a loyal person. What is disloyalty and how to detect it. Patriotism and animal loyalty.

Man's best friend is considered the most loyal animal.
  1. What is loyalty?

Being a loyal person is undoubtedly one of the most respectable qualities of a human being, especially when it comes to a relationship or a friendship because it helps maintain a strong bond and build trust in the other.

Loyalty is basically about fulfilling what we have promised, even when the circumstances are adverse. Loyalty is a virtue, and as such we must develop it from our conscience. Being loyal to another person is a moral obligation we have with a partner, a friend, a co-worker, a relative.

Whoever opposes loyalty is a traitor and traitors eventually end up being alone, since trust in that person is lost and they are not valued again. Loyalty accompanies commitment to the other person in good times and bad.

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  1. What is commitment?

A friendship is built with mutual loyalty and commitment.

It is often the case that love relationships are casual, friendships that are not long-lasting and the employment situation is merely a matter of obtaining money. However, there are many people who choose to be loyal to a couple, do everything for a friend and be well in their employment.

The fact that one person is loyal means that he will not use the other person only when he needs it . A person who is not loyal appears only when he needs something, and leaves us aside when we need it. Betrayal generates feelings of sadness and disappointment in those who are betrayed, and in this way ties are broken drastically.

Friendship is forged from the fact that two people are loyal to each other. Two people who know each other establish a bond of friendship based on mutual loyalty and a commitment that builds trust. This commitment we have with the other corresponds to the love we put into each action.

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  1. Unfair attitudes

A person who is not loyal to his friends, family, co-workers or partner, will show certain attitudes that are typical of an unfair person.

  • Criticism of the other: First, an unfair person criticizes the other, highlights the defects of the other person.
  • Tell secrets that were entrusted: On the other hand, talk to others about the secrets that another has told you. Does not respect the trust of the other.
  • Do not value friendships: You can also leave your friendships without reason.
  • It does not give its best effort at work: With respect to work, it does not put its best effort when doing or finishing a task. In addition, it usually charges more for work done and agreed upon.
  1. Loyalty as a value

Loyalty implies full confidence in the other person.

Loyalty is a value that can be defined as devotion to another, be it a person, a community or a ruler, for example. Who is loyal does not turn his back on who is his friend. With loyalty there is a question of honor, fidelity and gratitude.

This devotion that one person has for another or others implies a commitment and full confidence in the other person. This devotion can happen to a specific being or not, since we can be loyal to a nation, an ideology, a belief, and so on.

Loyalty implies certain moral and ethical values . The value of loyalty is that a loyal person will be respected by the other and will generate full confidence. Without loyalty it is not possible to establish a friendship or a long-term relationship.

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  1. Animal loyalty

Loyalty is a physical and mental feeling that a human being can feel, but it can also be lived by an animal .

Generally, it is the dog who is considered the most loyal animal, man's best friend, however, cats and horses are also considered loyal to the human beings who care for them, feed them and They give them love.

Animal loyalty is related to gratitude to what human beings give their pet, more than anything affection and protection . Some animals are able to give their own lives for that of their human companions.

  1. Patriotism

A person's loyalty can also be given with respect to the love that he has for his country of origin . Who is a patriot loves his country and seeks the welfare of his country. What unites a person with their homeland is the culture, affections and customs that unite them to other citizens.

In general, the same countries seek to promote patriotism to their citizens since they are children, through school events, greetings to the national flag, national songs, etc.

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