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We explain what Google is and when this famous company was founded. In addition, how Google's search engine works and what Google+ is.

Google specializes in products and services linked to the Internet.
  1. What is Google?

Google LLC, commonly referred to as Google, is a subsidiary of the US multinational Alphabet Inc., specialized in electronic, computer and Internet related products and services.

Its main product, which bears the same name of the company, is the most popular search engine that exists, whose function is to give users access to listings of p Web pages and references of different types, as a way to facilitate your journey through the vast world of the Internet.

In addition to the well-known search engine, Google LLC also offers a series of online applications that range from electronic mail ( Gmail ), video playback ( YouTube ) and the search for postal addresses on a world map ( Google Earth and Google Maps ), to an Internet browser ( Google Chrome ) and a social network ( Google+ ), among many others.

However, Google's search engine is the most visited page in the world Internet ranking, which translates into serving more than 1000 million search requests every day. It requires business presence in almost the entire planet.

Google has often been criticized for intellectual property violations and its collaboration with government programs for global citizen surveillance (as revealed in 2013-2015) by the United States and its allied countries.

At the same time the company has been accused of collaborating with the censorship of content in countries of totalitarian or dictatorial regime, in order to gain commercial space in their populations.

It can serve you: Free Software.

  1. When was Google founded?

Google Inc. was founded in 1998.

The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who in 1996 were pursuing postgraduate studies at Stanford University, where they created their first version of the famous search engine, whose initial name was BackRub.

The following year they decided to rename it Google, playing with the mathematical term “gúgol” (equivalent to 10100), given the enormous amount of information on the network that their program had to deal with.

On September 4, 1998, the company Google Inc. was founded, and on September 27 of that year its services were offered to the network as an online search engine, in a market hitherto covered by AltaVista (created in 1995).

The entrepreneurs had a closet full of servers (about 80 processors) and two HP routers. Their success was such that in 2000 they were already at the forefront of the area and launched their online advertising system (Google AdWords) and their search bar or Google Bar.
Since then the company would only grow and diversify.

  1. How does Google work?

Since the term is entered in the search box until the results are achieved, a process that normally takes no more than a couple of seconds, the following processes take place in the Google search engine:

  • Crawling and indexing . The first stage of the search consists in the review of the enormous amount of web pages that exist (approximately 30 billion), contrasting with their indexes the presence of the keyword provided by the user.
  • Algorithms and formulas . Once the results have been selected, they allow ordering and ranking the results based on the terms provided by the user. This algorithm is capable of suggesting searches, offering parallel results and even correcting the user if he suspects that there was an error in writing the keyword.
  • SPAM elimination . Since numerous results will belong to insecure, illegal or unimportant sites, Google applies specialized filters that allow you to get rid of inconvenient results and focus your search on the most likely information.
  1. What is Google+?

Google + is the third social network with more users in the world.

Google+, Google plus or G + is the social network offered by Google Inc., whose appearance took place in 2011, in full effervescence of social networks. This is the third social network with more users in the world, not so much because it is popular, that it is not so much, but because of its interaction with Google User Accounts and especially with the YouTube video page.

Google+ aims to integrate several services in the same social network: Circles of friends and acquaintances, virtual talks with them in real time ( Hangouts ), Interests and other forms of community. It is assumed that it is the way to compete with Facebook, the most widely used social network in the world.

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