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We explain what friendship is and the types of friendship that exist. In addition, the importance of this type of relationship and phrases about friendship.

Friendship is similar to love, but devoid of romantic connotations.
  1. What is friendship?

Friendship is called a kind of affective relationship between two people, in which a certain degree of camaraderie, trust and cordiality, very similar to love, but devoid of the connotations rom Ethics.

In principle, friendship is manifested as a mutual feeling, established by an equality of visions of life or projects in common.

There are no formal parameters to study the amistades and it is considered that each one is unique and proposes an unrepeatable path: some take few minutes to establish themselves and others instead take years to curdle, as As some are narrower and closer, while others are more distant.

Some may even go through moments of eroticism, become love, or break off as a result of a failed love. Some, finally, can end.

This type of link usually occurs between human beings, but it is also used to refer to relationships of commensalism or connection between human beings and other higher animals, as with dogs: not for nothing. He is commonly called the best friend of man.

It can serve you: Loyalty.

  1. Friendship Types

The most lasting friendship is based on the good of life and expects nothing in return.

According to the Greek philosopher Arist teles, who wrote about friendship in his ethics nomom a quea (6th century BC), there are three types of friendship: useful, accidental and good. The first two are accidental and the third intentional.

  • Useful friendship . The one that takes place between two people who undertake a common goal and help each other along the way, or where they get some kind of benefit from being friends. According to the philosopher, these friendships usually run out when the goals are reached or the benefits end.
  • Accidental friendship Those that are based on the pleasure of sharing and running, typical of young people and depend largely on tastes, so that time the sentence to disappear, because with growth, tastes are the first things to change .
  • Friendship of the good . The most lasting of the three and the one that really embodies the concept of friendship is based on a vision of the good of life and virtue, that is, of certain moral precepts and a certain way of understanding existence. It does not aspire to receive anything in exchange for it, other than the same link (reciprocity) and may be the most lasting friendships, with periods of years or even a lifetime.

Other forms of friendship, tackled not so much from the philosophical as from other perspectives, allow us to talk about:

  • Friends with "right" or "benefits . " It is a relationship of friendship in which the two people are also sporadic sexual or erotic partners, without this in theory leading to deeper relationships.
  • Intimate friend . People usually talk about close friends or best friends, to separate those "special" or very deep friends, compared to others: it is a special distinction.
  • Virtual friend This is the name of the friendships made through the Internet, whether through forums, social networks, email, etc.
  • False friends Also called toxic friends, are those who pretend to be friends with someone or who are only for interested purposes.
  1. Importance of friendship

Friendship gives human beings the possibility to share their inner world.

Friendship is considered a value, since we are gregarious beings, that is, we tend to make groups and live in society, depending on each other. In that sense, we require allies: people who pursue goals similar to ours or with similar tastes, who accompany us in life and “team up” with us.

On the other hand, friendship gives the human being the possibility of sharing his inner world : his spiritual concerns, his feelings, his existential questions, all in a safe environment and with a trustworthy person, who listens to us and gives us a selfless opinion .

  1. Friendship phrases

Some phrases about friendship are:

  • It's hard to find good friends, and impossible to forget them
  • Walking in the dark with a friend is preferable to walking alone in the light.
  • A man's friendships are the best measures of his worth.
  • True friendship is a slow developing plant.
  • A friendship without confidence is a flower without perfume.
  • Friendship, if it really is, grows in adversities.
  • If you want to meet your friends, need them.
  • Friendship is the true fortune that a man can have.
  • There is no desert like living without friends.
  • Friendship multiplies goods and distributes evils.
  • Friendship is priceless.
  • Friend is the one who enters when everyone has left.

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