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Computer Algorithm

We explain what a computer algorithm is and what it is for. Characteristics and parts of an algorithm. Practical examples.

Basically an algorithm serves to solve a problem step by step.
  1. What is an algorithm?

In computer science, an algorithm is a sequence of sequential instructions, thanks to which certain processes can be carried out and respond to certain needs or decisions. These are ordered and finite sets of steps, which allow us to solve a problem or make a decision.

The algorithms do not have to do with programming languages, since the same algorithm or flowchart can be represented in different programming languages, that is, it is an ordering prior to programming. .

Seen this way, a program is nothing more than a complex series of algorithms ordered and coded by a programming language for later execution on a computer.

Algorithms are also frequent in mathematics and logic, and are the basis for the manufacture of user manuals, instruction booklets, etc. Its name comes from the Latin algorithmus and this last name of the Persian mathematician Al-Juarismi. One of the best known algorithms of mathematics is that attributed to Euclid, to obtain the maximum common divisor of two positive integers, or the so-called Gauss method. to solve systems of linear equations.

See also: Flowchart.

  1. Parts of an algorithm

Every algorithm must consist of the following parts:

  • Input or input . The input of the data that the algorithm needs to operate.
  • Process . This is the formal logical operation that the algorithm will undertake with the input received.
  • Output or output . The results obtained from the process on the input, once the execution of the algorithm is finished.
  1. What is an algorithm for?

Simply put, an algorithm serves to solve a problem step by step . It is a series of ordered and sequenced instructions to guide a particular process.

In Computer Science, however, algorithms constitute the skeleton of the processes that will then be encoded and programmed to be performed by the computer.

  1. Types of algorithms

There are four types of computer algorithms:

  • Computational algorithms An algorithm whose resolution depends on the calculation, and which can be developed by a calculator or computer without difficulties.
  • Non-computational algorithms Those who do not require the processes of a computer to resolve, or whose steps are exclusive to the resolution by a human being.
  • Qualitative algorithms It is an algorithm whose resolution does not involve numerical calculations, but logical and / or formal sequences.
  • Quantitative Algorithms On the contrary, it is an algorithm that depends on mathematical calculations to find its resolution.
  1. Characteristics of the algorithms

An algorithm must offer a result based on its functions.

The algorithms have the following characteristics:

  • Sequential The algorithms operate in sequence, must be processed one at a time.
  • Accurate . The algorithms must be precise in their approach to the subject, that is, they cannot be ambiguous or subjective.
  • Ordered The algorithms must be established in the precise and exact sequence so that their reading makes sense and the problem is solved.
  • Finite Every sequence of algorithms must have a specific purpose, it cannot be extended to infinity.
  • Concrete . Every algorithm must offer a result based on the functions it fulfills.
  • Defined The same algorithm before the same input elements must always give the same results.
  1. Algorithm Examples

A couple of possible examples of algorithm are:

Algorithm to choose some party shoes :

  1. START
  2. Enter the store and look for the men's shoes section.
  3. Take a pair of shoes.
  4. Are they party shoes?

YES: (go to step 5) - NO: (go back to step 3)

  1. Are there the right size?

YES: (go to step 6) - NO: (return to step 3)

  1. Is the price payable?

SI: (go to step 7) - NO: (return to step 3)

  1. Buy the chosen pair of shoes.

Algorithm to calculate the area of ​​a right triangle :

  • Find the measurements of the base (b) and height (h)
  • Multiply: base by height (bxh)
  • Divide the result by 2 (bxh) / 2

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