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Human Resources Administration

We explain what is the administration of human resources, their objectives, functions and importance. In addition, what is your process.

The human resources administration takes care of everything that affects personnel.
  1. Human Resources Administration

In administration, human resources (HR) is the area that deals with everything related to personnel working in an organization, and the dynamics necessary for its formation, it is Module, hierarchy, etc.

Human resources administration is the discipline in charge of managing that business resource . Specifically, it deals with the planning, organization, development and efficient coordination of the staff of any organization.

The human resources administration is responsible for not only the macro management of the company, but also its selection, training and stimulus mechanisms to the employee, and everything that is objective of the department of human resources of the same.

This discipline, at least in the terms in which it exists today, is born with the very organization of capitalism and the working class, at the moment when labor law makes its entrance and the need arises to regulate the work In that sense, it can be considered in contact with other fields of social knowledge such as psychology, sociology and law.

Thus, the Human Resources Administration also exists as a university career, logically responsible for training specialists in this area.

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  1. Objectives of HR administration

The administration of human resources aims to build the staff that makes up an organization. To do this, it captures the most suitable people for the labor demands it presents. It also manages the dynamics and mechanisms of orientation, motivation, redistribution and instruction of said human team.

All this is organized in pursuit of the established ideal that each worker is in a position that allows him to fully exploit his potentials, that makes him feel an active and important part of an organized and hierarchical whole, and that in doing so he achieves his goals satisfactorily personal

This happens, logically, to create ideal working conditions, as well as to refine the selection and problem solving mechanisms of the work team. And it can be best summarized in three strategic objectives, which are:

  • Social objectives . Manage the human resources of the organization so as to have a positive impact on society.
  • Corporate objectives . Enhance the human talent that makes life in the organization and maximize productivity.
  • Personal goals . Allow staff to meet their individual needs through work.

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  1. Importance of HR management

Human resources administration is a strategic area in the vast majority of organizations, essential in times of high labor competitiveness and in difficult labor markets.

In addition, it is key in the public administration, given that the State institutions are governed by very specific criteria regarding personnel and at the same time they must take care of the forms when dealing with resources belonging to all. However, human resources management is key to the success of any company.

  1. HR Administration Functions

Staff training is one of its functions.

Among the functions of every Human Resources department are:

  • Provide labor advisory services (and even legal) to the workers of the company without distinction.
  • Describe the responsibilities of each job position and design the guidance material required.
  • Carry out the relevant personnel selection tasks.
  • Carry out initiatives for training, improvement and professional growth of the work team.
  • Keep track of employee benefits and ensure an ideal work environment .
  • Ensure diversity and convenience in different jobs, facing the labor market that exists.
  1. Administrative process of human resources

Like any administrative process, the one that deals with human resources has different phases of strategic approach, control and decision-making, which allow him to carry out his tasks. Only in this case, the process begins with the selection of personnel and their assignment to a well-defined position within a work team.

The worker's performance is measured by different control strategies, as well as his satisfaction with his task. That information, of interest to the organization at different levels, will serve to make decisions regarding the worker's permanence in his position, his relocation, etc., and especially regarding to future incorporations or divestitures.

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